Franzbogen Puts The Pedal to The Metal

Apart from LongLife 3D targets, we of Bearpaw Products have for many years put our trust in the German producer Franzbogen. We believe it to be important to support German producers whenever possible.

However, the Franzbogen’s target foam quality has often been cause for complaint in recent years.

This is now history!

In the following, you will find some official information by Franzbogen:

“We have finally made it: all our animal targets will from now on be produced with a smoother and more elastical foam. The 3D-animals will on average be 30% heavier, they will stop the arrows better, and arrows can be pulled more easily. The new foam also reduces the breaking off of sensitive parts for some animal targets.

Secondly, all kill zones have been brought up to international standards. This means that all Franzbogen targets now have an outer and inner kill zone plus a kill spot. Classification has also been revised and is now consistent with international standards. The animal targets can now be used in all national as well as international competitions.”

These improvements go along with a 10% rise in consumer prices. Starting from 31st January, 2013, all Franzbogen 3D animals will be adjusted to the new customer prices.