Fun with the Kid`s bow Little Mingo

Many thanks to Simon Bode from the Bode archery shop for this great video highlighting our new kids bow the Little Mingo.

Here at Bearpaw we understand how important it is for children interested in shooting bows and arrows to have bows that are made specifically for them. To have bows that are beautiful and offer excellent performance makes the shooting experience much more enjoyable for young archers.

There is nothing like the smiles and laughter of children when they’re enjoying archery – it’s priceless.

Our Little Mingo bow is the perfect bow for kids between the ages of 3 – 7 years. It is sized to fit them, it’s made with attractive, quality materials, and it shoots great!

It’s much more fun for kids when they have quality bows that allow them to more easily hit the mark! The Little Mingo is also available as a complete set with everything you need to get kids started right away!

Watch this video and see for yourself how much fun it is watching arrows fly from the Little Mingo from Bearpaw Products.


Click here to see the Little Mingo at Bode Shop