German Jager Broadheads Are Convincing

JagersThe broadhead German Jager has written a success story. A year ago, Henry Bodnik presented his new broadhead German Jager with 125, 145 and 175 grs. weight. During his test as part of a hunt for whitetail deer in the USA and Canada this broadhead could meet the toughest demands and convinced both American and Canadian bow hunters.

You can buy German Jager broadheads in the USA at the following Bearpaw distributors:
 You can buy German Jager broadheads in Kanada at the following Bearpaw distributors:
Meanwhile this broadhead has been used and praised by bow hunters around the world. It is especially popular because of its perfect flight characteristics and enormous penetration.
Now, due to high demand, we have expanded the line of German Jager by two new broadheads.
Two new great German Jager broadheads are online!!!!!!
German Jager 100 grs.
For many compound archers the weight of 100 grs. is very important. We simply had to react to this important stimulus. The German Jager with 100 grs. flies precisely and will be hunting success guarantee for many compound bowhunters.
German Jager 200 grs.

The 200 grs. Jager has all the prerequisites for precise hits and maximum penetration without any restriction.
The perfect broadhead for the perfect hunting!
(Please understand that we do not show realistic hunting scenes on our German blog.)