German Jager Winners

Today we are sending out our German Jager broadheads to the winners of our tombola.
The following winners will receive their broadheads within the following days:
  • Tony Ault
  • Saul Sepulveda
  • Ted Greene
  • Carter Chip
  • Mike Morton
  • Cecil Jahnson
  • David Dease
  • April Rose
  • Gary Lemons
  • Tony Baker
We would then like to present to you the pictures and reports of the winners here on our English blog.
To the winners and everybody using our German Jager broadheads: Please send us your reports and pictures so that we can show the quality and class of this special broached to everybody.

german-jager-webUnfortunately, we have not gotten feedback from all the winners of our lottery and part of the data we had already received was lost due to technical problems.

Hence, we need the addresses and the preferred weight of their German Jager broadheads from the following prizewinners:
  • Savannah Elizabeth Weaver
  • Jim Rose
  • David Barber
  • Corey Paulson
  • Loren Peters
  • Nathan Peacock
  • Joseph Robert Johnston
  • Richard Redmon
  • Rick Winebrenner
  • Eric Anderson
  • Chad Wegner
  • Jose Lavadie
  • Michael Thompson
Please send this information and the report on your experiences to the following E-mail address:
E-mail Subject: German Jager Winner

E-mail contact:

Always hit theĀ kill’ with the German Jager broadheads!

Direct link to the German Jager Broadhead:
Your Bearpaw Team