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Giulia and Lisa test the LongLife 3D course in Ummerstadt

NewVideoIt has been quite a while since we released our last 3D course test. Many of you have written to us encouraging us to continue this video profile idea and asked us to post a new video of instinctive archers shooting on a nice 3D course. Thank you for that. We have taken your comments to heart and now we’re pleased to present to you the new 3D course test video. In addition, to make it even better for you, we have given this popular video a new look and an updated format..

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We think that we’re lucky to have Giulia and Lisa as the shooters in this video profile, but we will leave the final judgement to you!

Enjoy the new video of Giulia and Lisa testing the LongLife course in Ummerstadt below…

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Visit the Bearpaw YouTube Channel