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Great Bow! Great Price! Our Hopi Recurve is now available for 198 Euro!


We wanted to see the price of our Hopi Recurve Bows under 200 Euro!

So, we met with our manufacturer and we were able to negotiate this new, lower price for the Hopi that we can pass on to our loyal Bearpaw customers!

We are very pleased to announce our success!

We now pass on this new lower price to make it easier for everyone to shoot one of the best values in quality recurve bows you can find!

The new rock bottom price for our popular Hopi Recurves is…


198 Euro!


We designed the Hopi recurve to be an affordable one-piece recurve that would offer sleek lines, good performance, and a low price that would make it perfect of those just starting their journey into instinctive archery! We are pleased to say that this bow has exceeded our expectations.

Of course the Hopi recurve is NOT a member of the Bodnik Bows family and so it does NOT qualify for our legendary   Bodnik Bows 30-Year Guarantee!

Click Here to see the Bodnik Bows Guarantee

Even so, our popular  Hopi  can’t be beat for best looking, best preforming, at such a low price!

Click Here to see the Hopi


The Hopi is the perfect choice for anyone who is just getting started in traditional archery. We worked with our manufacturer to create a bow that would incorporate the design chrachteristics of our Bodnik Bows, but with an eye to keeping the price as low as possible for archers and bowhunters.

We created an compact 60″ bow with sleek attractive lines, with powerful limbs, but also a smooth draw all the way to 32″!

If you are looking for a great bow at a great value then this is the bow for you!

“Great Bow – Great Value!”

  • Bow Length: 60 Inches
  • Draw Weight: 25# – 50# in 5 lbs increments
  • Riser: Actionwood, Bubinga und Ahorn
  • Limbs: Maple with clear fiberglass
  • Limb Tips: Micarta
  • Grip: Pistol Grip
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 8 Zoll
  • Accessories: Shelf Rests, Whisper String, Nockpoint
  • Guaranteee: This bow is guaranteed against breakage and delamination for two full years. Any claims of twisted limbs must be made to Bearpaw Products by email or telephone within two weeks of bow purchase.

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