Greetings from Idaho/USA

We get a lot of emails from customers who love their Bodnik Bows. Here is one mail from a young woman from Idaho/USA:

I love my bows. They are a joy to shoot. The first one is the perfect weight for shooting all year, and the heavier one will be excellent for hunting season. Right now I’m not strong enough to pull it all the way to full draw, but I’m working on it. The bows are quiet, pretty, and as Larry said they “shoot an arrow with authority.” This fall, if I draw the tag, I hope to kill a black bear with the heavier bow.

The picture is from this past weekend at Western States Traditional Rendezvous. I shot the lighter bow all weekend and when people asked “where did you get your bow,” I happily told them that it came from Germany.
Thank you for such wonderful bows.

Tavia Lopez