Heinz Lackner is the Heart of Archery at Planneralm in Austria

From 10th to 14th February, 2013, Henry Bodnik visited the Planneralm in Austria to meet with Heinz Lackner, a figurehead of traditional archery. Together they took an enlightening look at his great work for traditional archery at Planneralm.

Inspired by his family doctor, Heinz Lackner ‘caught fire’ for traditional archery several years ago. Early on he took a basic course in instinctive archery with Henry Bodnik. The enthusiastic Self Bow shooter has in recent years covered an impressive distance. We want to put forth his outstanding achievements.

1. Since 2004, Heinz Lackner has held the Fita World Archery 3D Championships.
2. Heinz Lackner has revived Planneralm during the few summer months with countless archers.
His parcours is one of the most beautiful in Europe!
3. In 2011, Heinz Lackner held the Fita World Archery 3D Championships in Donnersbach and at Planneralm.

Over the 5 days, Henry Bodnik and Heinz Lackner found the opportunity to have many interesting discussions on our fascinating sport. In the ‘House of the Bow’ Henry made himself acquainted with the fine traditional archery shop Heinz Lackner established.

“Heinz here you have built something very special!”

No wonder the region around the Planneralm is also called Robin Hood Country. In the following, Henry has brought a few pictures along so that you can get an impression about this unique region.

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