Henry Bodnik explains the advantages of Port Orford cedar wood shafting!

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Finally! We have added the Port Orford cedar shafting from Rose City Archery to our online store! Many spines are in stock and ready to ship! It won’t be long now and we will have ALL the spines in stock.

Why would you want to shoot wooden arrows when there are so many great carbon arrows available?

What are the benefits of  Port Orford cedar wood shafts?

Henry Bodnik answers these questions for you and shoots some Port Orford cedar arrows from his Bodnik Bows Raven on the Bearpaw 3D archery course in the video below.

You will see that he has a passion for the Port Orford cedare arrows, and is impressed with how accurate his wooden arrows shoot for him at all ranges!

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It is difficult to imagine archery without wooden arrows! For many longbowmen wooden arrows made from Port Orford cedar have always been the #1 choice. Old time archers and bowhunters like Fred Bear and Howard Hill agreed that the best, most accurate, wooden arrows were made from Port Orford cedar!

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Now Rose City Port Orford cedar wood shafting is available from any well stocked Bearpaw dealer or directly from our Bearpaw Shop!

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