Henry Bodnik presents the 8th Bearpaw Kill Tournament


Henry Bodniks Kill Tournament enjoys an ever growing level of popularity. This particular competition is the personal pride and joy of Henry Bodnik. Each shooting position is personally selected by him and designed with attention to detail and the shooting situation. The difficulty lies not in the distance but in the individual shot positions and the hunting situations with which each archer is faced with.

We already have a lot of pre-registrations but the number of participants is naturally limited. Registration is now officially open and its still possible to snag a place on this coveted competition.

Please send your registration by email to: kill-turnier@bearpaw-blog.de


The Kill tournament made its name through its realistic hunting situations and the special scoring system. Henry Bodnik uses his hunting experience and impressions gained in the US, Canada and Spain and really lets his knowledge flow. The maximum shooting distance is set at 28 meters.

In this tournament however some peculiarities come to the fore

  1. Scoring
  2. Competition Class
  3. Competition

Scoring: In this tournament only shots in the vitals zone are rated as + points. Body shot hits incur penalty points. Complete misses are rated with 0 points. Further details on this can be found in the following tournament description.

Competition Class: The competition classes will be divided according to the classification system developed by Henry Bodnik. This classification is perfectly suited to his particular experience of traditional and most of all instinctive archers. Further details on this can be found in the following tournament description.

Competition: On the two days of competition the elimination rounds are shot to determine each of the category winners and the finalists. On the second day the first 3 placed archers from each class shoot in the finals against each other. In this Final Shootout designed Henry Bodnik the competition conditions always create a really special and interesting spectacle. Before the eyes of the audience the athletes compete for honor and cash prizes.

  1. Place Competition winner and 1000 Euro Cash Prize
  2. Place 500 Euro Cash Prize
  3. Place 300 Euro Cash Prize

In addition since 2015 there is also a competition between Nations and the 3 top-ranked nations will be announced. Further details on this can be found in the following tournament description.


Tournaments where difficulties are represented by distance are a dime a dozen. I wanted to make a special tournament, just like I enjoy my own shooting to be. I wanted bring to life all the ideas I had in my head and all those are similar situations that I’ve seen during my hunting experiences. Put simply my tournament is completely different! The scoring is very different! The bow classes are completely different! At my own personal tournament I want to meet people who this kind of philosophy and this kind of competition!

I look forward to meeting you all!

My Kill tournament is simply a special kind of challenge! (Henry Bodnik)