Henry`s 1 Euro Shot

Henrys 1 Euro shootOn 22 Sept the Bearpaw Products Sommfest for employees was held in Bearpaw HQ. We thank our employees for their work and celebrate together with them. This year there was also something special to celebrate. Starting within the company on 15 October we have three new dedicated employees to give us help and support with restructuring and the challenges this will represent in the months and years ahead.

Alongside the summer party we naturally had to shoot a few bows. This just couldn’t be avoided! We shot on the Bearpaw 3D course and have played about in the shooting area. Our new employees have also earned their first “spurs” of instinctive archery.

With our summer party in full swing Henry Bodnik decided it was a good time to try the famous Byron Ferguson “1 euro shot”. We have put together a few images and film footage from Bearpaw Somerfest in the subsequent video.

Lots of fun with the 1 Euro Shot by Henry Bodnik and our Bearpaw Sommerfest!

The 1 Euro Shot was performed by Henry Bodnik with his Mohawk Chief Hybrid.
Direct Link to the Mohawk Chief Hybrid