Hood Archery in Münster – Bearpaw Products Partner – Opens NEW Store!

we-introduceAn interview of Bearpaw Dealer – Hood Archery from Münster. One of our shooting stars for the year 2017 in the BEARPAW DEALER NETWORK.

Mike and Jens, have become our close friends and members of the BEARPAW family. They have made a terrific start! The foundation for their meteoric rise started less than a year ago at one of our trainer courses of the Instinctive Archery Academy. Today, almost a year later, Jens and Mike are well-known archery greats in Münsterland and beyond. Their rise to fame and their fantastic customer service has fueled this explosive growth, forcing them to expand into an even larger store…


The “Hood” – the new store of  Hood Archery

BP: Jens and Mike, welcome and thank you for taking the time for this interview. Congratulations on your successful start in the archery industry! What made you decide to become an archery dealer, why did you choose BEARPAW as your partner?

HA: Many thanks to YOU dear BEARPAW Family! 😊

When we thought about opening our archery shop, we quickly agreed that we wanted to do it with Bearpaw, as a strong partner and our main supplier.

We knew that traditional archery in our region was rather underrepresented, and fortunately for us, we caught on early 😊. We saw a great advantage for everyone involved for us to partner with Bearpaw Products, a German family business with a wide, high-quality range of products and well established customer-friendly prices that included the reknowned Bearpaw guarantee as our best option for strong and sustained growth. Furthermore, our qualifications as trainers of instinctive archery earned through attending the “Instinctive Archery Academy” helps us actively reach and train new archers in our great sport. Of course it helps that we ourselves are big fans of the superior shooting characteristics of our Bodnik Bows and have complete confidence in all of the archery gear manufactured by Bearpaw Products.

BP: Thank you for making the decision to partner with Bearpaw! We’re very pleased with our partnership and the trust that you placed in us. What are your plans right now? What do you have in store for your customers at your new location?

HA: We have been working from our new location  in Muenster Roxel, Frauenhoferstrasse 2 since the beginning of March this year. The store is now fully stocked and we are working hard on many new shooting opportunities so our customers can try out new bows and shoot regularly. We are working on a shooting gallery, a nice 3D shooting area and will also offer our BowSim4D bow cinema. Of course we will be teaching our courses of the Instinctive Archery Academy. Right now we have in place an area where our customers can try out new bows and shoot in our store.

BP: With so many archers in and around Münster, and with you supplying them with so much in; customer service, archery equipment, and shooting and training opportunities, it sure looks as though you are on the right track.

HA: That’s right! We have now held over 60 courses and we have actually stopped counting. 🙂  With so many enthusiastic new customers finding us, as well as the great acceptance we have seen by the existing shooters, we can say that we’re confident we are on the right path.

It has been less than a year but the growth we have seen in archery here locally, combined with the enthusiasm of all the archers have allowed us to expand our offerings to them. We will all participate, enjoy, and grow the sport of archery together!

BP: What is new for you and your customers at this time?

HA: Basically, we have supplemented our offerings very selectively, for example we added our new Hood Archery Clothing Line. Our customers have let us know that they want more and more products so they can continue to explore and experience their passion for archery. Our course is in high demand, and there is a large interest for us to further expand our offering s of BEAPRAW PRODUCTS in our range. When our customers ask for new products and equipment – we listen and we act!

Visit Hood Archery Online 

We learned in our old shop that it was important for us to provide an indoor shooting range for good conditions for testing bows. Now with our bow cinema we have created for all of our local archery enthusiasts – an opportunity to shoot indoors at various scenarios in a comfprtable weather-independent climate controlled building at any time. And for exactly this reason, we look forward to soon offering a complete 3D area in our new hall as well. We are also just now figuring out all the details of our course area. We invite all archers to come visit our archery shop – there is now a lot to do for the shooters in and around Münster!.

BP: It is so nice to hear that you are enthusiastic about all of traditional archery. What are the next steps for you?

HA: Right now, after the big move, we are busy filling our shelves with traditional archery bows and accessories. We have a wide selection of Bearpaw Products and BodnikBows in the store. Of course, we also have all newly introduced Bearpaw products like the winter glove, the shooting bag and the natural striped feathers in our shop. All of these will be available soon also in our online store, our webshop.


BP: That’s great news for all fans of BEARPAW Products! What final words would you like to share with everyone?

HA: First – we would like to cordially invite all archery enthusiasts and anyone interested in traditional instinctive archery to visit our new store – the Hood. Furthermore we would like to thank the Bearpaw family for the amazing partnership they have offered us and also for the great communication and cooperation we enjoy.

BP: Thank you Jens and Mike! Working with you has always been a great pleasure for us. We wish you best of luck for the future and for all of your projects. We highly recommend a visit to Hood Archery in Münster !!!

Visit the Hood and enjoy a plentiful assortment of all BodnikBows and Penthalon bows and much, much more!


The creators of Hood Archery – Jens und Mike (v.l.n.r.)

Hood Archery

Internet: http://hood-archery.de/Adresse: Fraunhoferstraße 2, 48161 Münster
E-Mail: support@hood-archery.de
Phone: 02534 / 977 0640

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