Hot News about the Bodnik Bows Mohawk

In recent months, we have had many phone calls and discussions about our Bodnik Bows Mohawk. In internet forums and on platforms archers discussed our Bodnik Bows Mohawk and expressed their displeasure that we have not delivered the bow yet despite our preannouncement.

This is comprehensible and we fully understand the complaints!

I would like to take this opportunity to present some background information on our Mohawk.

The most important information first:

“The delivery of the Bodnik Bows Mohawk has begun this week! Oh my God, I’m so happy!”

Bodnik Bows Mohawk

Why has it taken us so long? The development of the Mohawk took us by surprise and has been completely underestimated by us. We have been able to learn a lot in the past few months and have become immersed more deeply into the matter of bowmaking.


Compared to many other bow makers and companies we have three distinct advantages and differences:

1. We do not simply glue woods together! Bodnik Bows gives their bows a warranty for a 30 full years: 30 Year Bodnik Bows Warranty
2. We do not simply glue limbs to our handles. Our limbs are supposed to bend in well-defined parameters to support maximum performance.
3. Our traditional bows are tested under extreme conditions. Our dry shooting tests are unique in the world of traditional archery. Dry Shooting Test

We had to make changes for many parameters concerning our new bow and needed much more time than we had planned!
We had to lend a hand to the materials of the handle to guarantee stability and precision. We made our final change in the composition of its materials only 10 days ago.

We thank all our customers and many fans around the globe for being so patient with us! As a special thanks for your patience, we have made a beautiful new wallpaper of Sandra.

Bearpaw Products Archery Girl Wallpaper

We have not and will not make compromises with regard to the quality of our bows. “We would rather put off our customers and not supply. We’d rather be verbally slapped in the face when we’ve gone out on a limb and underestimated the problem.” (Henry Bodnik)

For the next few weeks we will have only one motto at Bodnik Bows Germany:
Make Mohawk bows and satisfy our customers!
With a gap of about 300 Mohawk Bows there will nevertheless be a substantial waiting time! We can produce 40 Slick Sticks and about 24 to 30 Mohawks here at our manufactory in Germany every week. We are continuously aspiring to achieve more.

The low number of bows produced results from the fact that all bows are made by hand. Our production capacity is still limited and we are not able to produce arbitrarily fast. We are putting a lot of energy into expanding our manufacture in Germany.

To be able to work up this backlog fairly quickly and efficiently, we decided not to produce the 13-inch handle of the Hunter version for the time being.
We will present the Mohawk Hunter with the 13-inch handle at the ATA Fair in 2016.

The Longbow Limbs for the Mohawk are already being developed. We will inform you in the coming weeks about the progress of these longbow limbs.

Bodnik Bows are great!
Henry M Bodnik