How Does Instinctive Archery Work?

Henry Bodnik knows the answers and gives them in his courses.

From 8th to 9th June, 2013, an advanced course in Instinctive Archery took place with Henry Bodnik in Rossach. Special emphasis was placed on the mental foundations of Instinctive Archery. A total of 13 basic course graduates received important knowledge about the neurological and visual background of this fascinating “targetting technique” last weekend. The video analysis of each participant’s performance is an important component in the advanced course to recognize sources of error in their shooting style and eliminate them.

Videoanalyse Aufbaukurs Henry Bodnik

The 3 pillars of Instinctive Archery are trained both in theory and practice extensively.

1. Deep concentration
2. Practical Training
3. Memory Training

Both the sensible structure of the training and the consistent implementation of the three pillars of training are a guarantee of the high degree of accuracy which good and successful instinctive archers show.
The conscious training and storing of visual and emotional information is the most important component to successfully shoot instinctively, along with a good shooting technique.
“Instinctive Archery is shockingly easy to learn if you know how it works.” (Henry Bodnik)


On the Bearpaw 3 D parcours, participants implemented what they had learned and the analysis of 3D situations was trained. A final tournament under competitive conditions completed this course and gave each participant the opportunity to test their skills in competition.

Already, much of the course places for 2014 are pre-assigned. More pictures to follow soon.