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How fast are the Bodnik Bows Anubis bows REALLY?

anubis2_1Bearpaw Products has a very tight relationship with the folks at Arrowforge, and we have worked together passionately on the Anubis project. Together with Lino and Carina Coscia we designed the bows of the Anubis family for the Arrowforge company. These impressive bows of the Anubis family are built exclusively for our partner Arrowforge and are only available through them.

We would like to thank Lino and Carina Coscia for the pleasant and professional relationship we have developed through years of working together on various projects. Our valued loyal Bearpaw dealers are the foundation of the great success we have realized with the Bearpaw brand.

Below we’re pleased to share with you the results of some speed testing done by the folks at the Arrowforge company on the various models of the exclusive Anubis bows as well some other models.
Henry Bodnik Bearpaw Products

Published on 17.01.2018 15:13 by Arrowforge
Arrowforge Speedtest – what is the REAL performance of the bows in the Anubis Family?

Since their inception, there has been much talk and many rumors circulating about the Anubis bows being fast, and yes, the Anubis bows are fast – but how fast? Has anyone tested them? What are the actual numbers? The main answers we were all looking for were – just how fast are the Anubis bows REALLY?

We wanted to know how fast they really are as well, and this is why we decided to do a detailed speed test with our 58 “& 62” Anubis, as well as with our new 60″ Osiris.
For a more complete test, we also tested other bows that would be considered as the same classification and well known so archers had something ‘familiar’ to compare our results to.

All bows tested were measured with a professional bow scale to confirm the actual draw weight. In the end we tested bows with about 40# of draw weight.The exact draw weights are listed in the diagram, next to the bows model numbers. The arrow weight is 305 gn, which corresponds to approx. 7.6 gpp at the 40# draw weight (exactly: 7.625 grains per pound).

Each shot was released at exactly 28″. We used a mechanical release to eliminate any human errors that may have caused fluctuations at the release if we simply used fingers.


As an extra precaution, to keep everything fair, we dropped the fastest and the slowest arrows when calculating the average (blue bar) to eliminate any influence from any arrows that might be considered ‘fliers’. We show the most pure data we could obtain here in this test, the true average arrow speeds obtained in a fair and unbiased test.

The overall test winner of this round: In fact, the  Osiris with an average of 210 fps is the best of the recurve class. The  Anubis 58″ and 62″ hybrid longbows with an average of 200 fps and 203 fps respectively scored best in its class as the fastest longbows. Even high-quality recurve bows can hardly keep up (for example, the Super Kodiak) with our high-performance Anubis longbows!


Here are links to the bows: