How Penthalon Carbon shafts are produced


Two years ago Henry Bodnik together with Bearpaw Products took the decision to produce their own carbon arrow shafts.
“We wanted to develop carbon shafts which were tailored to the needs of instinctive and traditional archers. We were by no means satisfied with the existing products in terms their properties
or the philosophy of the manufacturer.”

It is important to me to incorporate my knowledge and experience in making my own carbon shafts and arrows. Consequently it is absolutely essential to have a manufacturer on our wavelength that take on board our impulses and convert them to reality. Brand loyalty and reliability are essential elements to us. Only a long lasting and successful partnership can make this possible. (Henry Bodnik)

We want to give you a little insight into the production of our new Carbon shafts. In this short video you can see how the carbon mat is rolled over the steel blank. However, there are a lot more individual stages necessary to achieve the quality of a completed Penthalon carbon shaft.

We have arrange for our Penthalon Carbon shafts to be produced by one of the best production companies in Asia. Together with this manufacturer we were able to go into production and make our legendary Penthalon Hunter Extreme a reality.

It’s no secret how to make a carbon shaft!

But it is extraordinarily difficult to find the right manufacturer that can ensure quality and volume of supply.

To achieve this the production site, in addition to quality, must also able to offer the capacity to grow with the enormous demand for ourĀ  Penthalon Carbon shafts.


We have one of the best manufacturers of carbon shafts on our side. Only through them can we guarantee the great quality of our Penthalon carbon shafts. A few weeks ago Henry Bodnik went in person to the manufacturing site and was given an overview of the impressive quality of the company and the production processes that are carried out there.


3 important points that impress our Bearpaw customers worldwide:

  1. Top Quality of the Penthalon Carbon shafts
  2. Top availablity of the Penthalon Carbon shafts
  3. Extraordinary price of the Penthalon Carbon shafts

Take a look at the Penthalon carbon shafts for yourself. You can find the Penthalon carbon shafts at any well-stocked Bearpaw dealer or directly in Bearpaw online shop.

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