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Bogensport-Bodnik GmbH
Hannebach 30
96269 Großheirath / Rossach
Tel: +49 (0) 9565 61688-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9565 61688-21

In Bogentreff near Oldenburg, Sascha and Marion Oeltjen remain true to their traditions!


We are delighted to see BEARPAW PRODUCTS build on our long-standing partnership with Bogen Treff in Wehnerfeld in the greater Oldenburg area. Despite increasing competition, the owners Sascha and Marion Oeltjen remain true to their traditions and core principles.


BP: Hello Sascha, thank you for your time. Please introduce our readers to your “Bogen Treff” (Bow Meeting) concept.

SO: Of course – I’d be glad to! The Bogen Treff is a specialty shop for archery. Our strengths include; offering expert advice, giving our customers the opportunity to test all our bows and always – we are always ready to listen and visit with our customers. As the word “Treff” (meeting) already says – in the Bogen Treff you can visit our shop to meet with each other – everyone is welcome, even if you just would like to “chat” for a short time or simply want to enjoy a coffee.

BP: That sounds like a very customer-friendly and inviting atmosphere. Who is all welcome to visit you?

SO: In the Bogen Treff,  Traditional, WA / FITA and compound archers from all over the region stop by all the time. We offer an indoor shooting range for bow testing and shooting, plus an 18-meter front-end with four targets and a 70-meter track. Adjacent (200 meters) to the store is the 3D archery course for the 3D Archers. It has 40 stations and over 100 locations to shoot from. Furthermore, we are certified trainers of the Instinctive Archery Academy and train traditional archers right here in our own classroom.

Click here to visit Bogentreff’s website


BP: Very impressive! Your place sounds like a paradise for archers. What do you think about the topic of “online sales”? Do you have an online store?

Click here to visit Bogentreff’s website

SO: The special thing about us is that we intentionally do not offer an online store. We believe in personal service. We think – it is much better for an archer to try a bow out first and to have someone that is knowledgeable right there with them that they can talk to. When you can have a real conversation with your customer you can help them much more. I myself have been shooting bows since childhood, no matter if WA, compound or traditional, so I have a long history of shooting that helps me help my customers.

BP: You are an absolute expert. Which form of archery is your biggest passion?

SO: Even though I have experience in all forms of archery, in the end I stuck with traditional archery. This is where the roots of the Bogen Treff come from. More than half of our inventory is traditional. We do not run our business only to get the maximum profit, but our hearts beat for archery – it’s in our blood!  For us it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life. We are very impressed with the consistent high quality of all Bearpaw products and we are proud to offer your entire line of archery products, but we are also impressed by the magic and passion that Henry Bodnik pours back into the world of traditional archery. This passion is always amazing and remarkable, and gratefully it’s also contagious.

BP: Thanks for your kind words. We’re also very grateful to have partners like you and Marion by our side and in our dealer network. We look forward to working with you and to continue for many years on our mutual mission for spreading the passion for traditional archery.

PS: Of course – and remember – if you ever feel like visiting Sascha and Marion Oeltjen in our shop, you are always welcome.

Contact Information for:  SASCHA OELTJEN / Bogentreff

 Telephone: 0441 / 40 88 423
Adresse: An den Eichen 3
26215 Wiefelstede / Wehnerfeld