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Impressions from the 2nd Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Austria

Datei 28.11.17, 21 50 22
We are pleased to be able to share with you some of the highlights and our impressions of the 2nd Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Austria. Like always, the film editing has been delayed for a while because we had so many assorted video clips and recordings to sort through and edit to compile a video to share with our friends in archery. We have put together this fun video of interesting scenes and activities from the 2nd Kill tournament held in Austria!! We’re sure you will enjoy the scenery, the forest, the shooting and get a glimpse into just how special the Bearpaw Products kill tournaments are.

Enjoy watching the video!

The Bearpaw Kill Tournaments are my big passion. I enjoy sharing the special format of these Kill Tournaments with so many archery friends through our countless tournaments now held all over the world. When I first started shooting tournaments, we all went to these events to shoot great shots. Of course, the points, the scoring was very important to us! But we were especially interested in these sorts of challenging, and realistic shots. We called this feeling the “bowhunter’s feeling!” This Bowhunter’s feeling, allows us to come close to what it feels like when a bowhunter is in the field after big game. When I design the shots in my Kill Tournaments, I’m infusing this Bowhunter’s feeling into every target. The archers can easily imagine that they are out actually bowhunting. This is such a special feeling, different than all the other tournaments I have ever attended. In my Kill Tournaments, every target is designed to challenge the archer, to bring bowhunting to life for them and I am very grateful so many archers enrich these special tournaments with their participation and enthusiasm.

Datei 28.11.17, 21 31 57 I would like to thank the many archers from Austria, Germany and Romania who participated and gave the 2nd Bearpaw Kill tournament in Austria its special flair. I’m really looking forward to 2018 when we put on the 3rd Bearpaw Kill Tournament Austria. Of course, it will be held once again in Styria at Bogensport beim Holzmichl in Köflach. Where once again, I will personally design and set up each shooting position!  Henry Bodnik

Datei 28.11.17, 21 32 27

Note: The 3rd Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Austria 2018 will be held on:
The 11th and 12th of August 2018

Our special thanks to:

  • Michael Wagner (Holzmichl) from Köflach / Austria and his entire team for putting on such a great event!
  • Christian Labbe from Montreal for creating the special music for this video!

Link to Bogensport beim Holzmichl