In Germany the Paderbow is where you get measure of things

IMG_1520Many thanks to the many interested parties who attended Henry Bodniks lecture about the secrets of instinctive archery.
According to the event organizers between 150 – 200 followed the presentation by Henry Bodnik.


Lecture by Henry Bodnik

In his direct and emotional style Bodnik Henry introduced the audience to the secrets of instinctive archery and gave people the inside story.

IMG_1526With many examples and anecdotes Henry Bodnik spoke for two hours and left no question unanswered. Training structure, neurological and visual basics of instinctive archery plus bow and arrow physics were all part of the important content of his lecture at the Paderbow.


I’m really surprised but excited about seeing
the widespread interest in instinctive archery and the technical
side of the physics of the bow and arrow.

The Paderbow surprised me!

It was just an all-round successful show. There were plenty of
satisfied faces from the many retailers, lots of satisfied archers
and one very happy organizer because everything went so well..

(Henry Bodnik)


Henry Bodnik and the event organizer Klemens Schmelter

 Great show!

 Great organization!


Bodnik Bows and Bow Targets at the Paderbow

We were particularly pleased that our “Gold Dealer” Gert Bechtel and his company Bow Targets could attend the show. They are customers and fans of Bearpaw Products and have a wide selection of products and Bodnik Bows. I would just like to say huge thanks to Gerd Bechtel and his team.

A big thank you also to all the other Bearpaw dealers who were at the Paderbow.
Your attendance really helped to boost the Bearpaw brand.