In Romania instinctive archery is a matter of State!


Alin Andreica, Mugur Pop with Dacian Ciolos

After an official meeting in Cluj-Napoca, the Romanian Prime Minister spent time with some friends to indulge in the passion for instinctive archery.


romanian_2Alin Andreica with Dacian Ciolos

Cluj-Napoca has evolved into something like the secret capital of instinctive archery in Romania! The Romanian Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, got some first hand information and first class input whilst he was there. Alin Andreica is an enthusiastic pioneer of instinctive archery and a personal friend of Henry Bodnik. He has a great passion is this fascinating sport and in Bearpaw Products. Together with Mugur Pop He took the opportunity to introduce our fantastic new horse bow, the Gerula.romanian_3Mugur Pop is an icon and the face of the Romanian Horsebow scene with a big heart and a lot of social commitments. A few weeks ago together with Alin Andreica and Henry Bodnik, he intensively tested the new Gerula horsebow in preparation for release to Romanian archers.


Mugur Pop tests the new Gerula Horsebow

His work with children and horses is known far beyond the borders of Romania. This great archer and humanitarian is regarded as a role model for many riders, archers and all people of a high moral value. Alin Andreica and Mugur Pop took on the task of introducing the Gerula to the Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Giolos. The Bodnik Bows Gerula is shaped like the historical horsebows from Romanian history and is a further development of our Horseman Bow. In this way we have developed the Geruala to the needs of the horsebow archer!

This “Dacian Horsebow” is manufactured by Bearpaw Products exclusively for our partner Bearpaw Romania.

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Bodnik Bows Gerula is an exclusive product of Bearpaw Romania

Mugur Pop was blown away by the historic design, the performance of the bow and the superb Bodnik Bows 30 year warranty. The Gerula will accompany Mugur in the future during his exploits with horse, arrow and bow, as well as his many social projects.


Mugur Pop

We are proud that the Bodnik Bows Gerula will find its way to many horseback archers from the hands of the Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Giolos, Alin Andreica and Mugur Pop.romanian_1We are delighted that Alin Andreica has made another different great step forward for instinctive archery and Bearpaw Products in Romania. We will make an extra blog post about this latest developement in the next week.

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Bodnik Bows Gerula is an exclusive product of Bearpaw Romania

Here you can see more information directly from the official website of the Romanian government. (Naturally all text in Romanian)

Link to the officail website of the Romanian government