Incredible Bow! Incredible Price! The Blackfoot Longbow!

20005-01-langbogen-blackfootWhen taking the first steps in archery it is hugely important that the bow is of good quality with good performance to match. The bow must give new and enthusiastic archers the opportunity to develop further and also to realize a sense of fun with bow and arrow. At the beginning, when taking up archery, the learning curve develops extremely quickly!
For this reason, it is equally important that the purchase price is not too high for a first bow! Together with our producer, Henry Bodnik has precisely fulfilled all of these requirements.


With the Penthalon Blackfoot  Bearpaw Products have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat!

A longbow that is good enough to please more than just beginners!

  • A  superb bow!
  • A sensation price!

Penthalon Blackfoot just 195 Euro!

20005-langbogen-blackfoot-moodThe Blackfoot is a longbow with an unbeatable price and superb performance!!
The Blackfoot is a powerful longbow which can be safely used in all tournaments and championships under longbow class rules. For the riser we have used a really great combination of dark Actionwood and Bubinga. For the Blackfoot this mix of materials is perfect for providing the ideal combination of weight and stability while at the same time having really nice aesthetics and minimizing handshock.

An incredible price!
An incredible bow!

  • Length: 66 inches
  • Draw Weights: 25 – 50 lbs in 5 lbs increments
  • Riser: Actionwood/Bubinga/Maple
  • Limbs: Maple with clearglas
  • Tips: Mycarta
  • Grip: Locator
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 7 inches
  • Guarantee: 2 years


Kev Arrow Smith from Robin Hood Arrows tested the bow for us during the development phase and was completely blown away by the performance and the shooting quality of the bow.

“This bow is going to surprise a lot of people”!

The new Penthalon Blackfoot is available via all well stocked Bearpaw dealers or direct via the Bearpaw Shop!

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