International Bearpaw Gold Dealer 2012

Bearpaw Gold Dealer 2012

Each year various awards and honors are awarded at the meeting of the Bearpaw dealers. The “Bearpaw Gold Dealer”-Award is considered to be the most important. The status of Bearpaw Gold Dealer is given to special dealers for one year. Bearpaw gives this award to both a national and an international dealer.

Today we want to present the international gold dealer for the year 2012 to you.

We are very happy to present our dealer Ola Klåpbakken, owner of TradBow Norge in Vinstra (Norway), with the 2012 Award of the International Gold Dealer. He meets all the criteria we expect of a good dealer in traditional archery. You can read a brief overview of his way to and with archery right here. Apart from that, you can find a direct link to our international Bearpaw gold dealer for the period of one year in the right column of our homepage.

Hi Ola,
congratulations on your outstanding performance for Bearpaw Products. You are a worthy international gold dealer!


The Board of Bearpaw Products pays special attention to the following aspects in the selection of our gold dealers.

  • 1. Quality in customer service: This award can only be attained by Bearpaw dealers who convince in customer service and have extensive expertise in archery. This is why both pure Internet retailers and poorly trained “sales outlets” don’t stand a chance.
  • 2. Availability of Bearpaw products: A good customer service of course includes the opportunity to try out products, to try shooting bows and to experience archery live. Again, in availability of the Bearpaw products, local dealers succeed over pure Internet retailers and are an important guarantee for the well-known quality of our Bearpaw products.
  • 3. Public Image of Bearpaw: Bearpaw dealers are proud and convinced of our brand and show that in public. For us it is important to work with satisfied and committed partners. This is what we like to see represented in the public in writing, speech and image.