An interview with bogensport toreca

Discover the written interview with “BOGENSPORT ToReca” (Thomas Carl) & BEARPAW PRODUCTS.

1) BEARPAW: How did you get into archery?
“Actually by pure coincidence I always wanted to, but found no way at the time Then my friend Popey moved in with me and the house was an archer .. Of course I approached him and he took me abruptly to the archery square, put a longbow in my hand and off we went It was fine, but somehow shooting at fixed distances on discs was not what I had imagined Next start on the 3 D course of the Baden Bowmen and then it happened to me Since then I am with body and soul archer.”

2) BEARPAW: How long have you been active in archery?
“Meanwhile, I’m an active archer for well over 20 years.”

3) BEARPAW: Why did you choose archery?
“Movement in the open air, shooting under ever-changing conditions and difficulties, and the originality of this sport have fascinated and captivated me even after such a long time the open and extremely friendly handling of traditional archers together is another highlight that greatly enhances my free time and, for a long time, my profession.”

4) BEARPAW: What did you want to be as a little kid?
“Teacher or pastor :)”

5) BEARPAW: What was the best decision in your career? Are you still working in addition to the archery?
“The best decision in professional terms was clearly the job of my previous profession and the decision to become my own master with a job that makes me happy every day and in which I meet many people who Sharing this passion with me As I have a full-time job in my business and the bow school, I am definitely busy.”

6) BEARPAW: What do you like most about archery?
“I love to go for a walk with a group of nice people and compete with you in fair competition.”

7) BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
“Basically I shoot every bow except Compound and Olympic Recurve I shot very long and gladly Longbow, but then I went back a bit, and now shoot almost exclusively for almost 4 years Primitive bow – of course, with wooden arrows with Selfnock It has become my passion for archery and it is definitely the one most demanded by the shooter, and the bow gives back an awful lot.”

8) BEARPAW: What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
“I am incredibly proud of my victory in the” Duel for the Golden Ring “2016. That was a wooden arch tournament in Schwäbisch Gemünd, which was shot in front of a large audience The field was filled with almost all reigning world, – Europe and German champions and I was able to prevail here and win the tournament and take home the prize, a golden ring worth 2,500 euros in. The tournament was extensively in press , Radio and TV reports.”

9) BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?
“A clear no!”

10) BEARPAW: What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
“I would like to get interested parties interested in archery, because I experience again and again that customers come to me completely unhappy because it just does not work out In the vast majority of cases, it’s because the equipment is in no way coordinated with each other and actually does not fit the customer at all – so the failure is inevitable.”

11) BEARPAW: What do you want to give to the people out there? Do you have a personal concern?
“I would like to introduce you to the pleasure of archery, infecting you with the” virus “and getting you on a successful path.”

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