An interview with Bow-Targets

Discover the written interview with Bow-Targets (Gerd Bechtel)  & BEARPAW PRODUCTS.

1) BEARPAW: How did you get into archery?
“As a child I collected my first bow experience near the forest with a home-made hazelnut bow and cane arrows, which became” grown-up “for me, until I found a co-worker in my former operation and one today Friend moved to it It was immediately done to me, the virus has seized me with all its consequences.”

2) BEARPAW: How long have you been active in archery?
“Since the year 2000.”

3) BEARPAW: A lot of experience. Why did you choose archery?
“It was the feeling of being able to roam through the woods as if it were a child, experiencing the bond with nature and the feeling of slowing down, as well as the ability to compete with like-minded people in tournaments an exciting experience.”

4) BEARPAW: As a matter of fact. What did you want to be as a little kid?
“I must confess, I had no career aspirations, I have sniffed during the holidays in a variety of professions and have even then guided by my intuition.”

5) BEARPAW: That was obviously correct! What was the best decision in your career? Are you still working in addition to the archery?
“Difficult question, every day we make decisions on a small scale, like on a large scale, in the future, I think it was rather the sum of the experiences that led to what I stand for today.” My life is 100% archery Fulfills.”

6) BEARPAW: Nice to hear. What do you like most about archery?
“The many opportunities, whether in the family, for deceleration, as a hobby, or performance-oriented to be able to practice this sport, the great opportunity to mentally align and to practice self-reflection.”

7) BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
Bodnik Custom Longbow with cedar wooden arrows.”

8) BEARPAW: What else 🙂 What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
“To the valuable development and the associated acceptance.”

9) BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?
“Definitely no.”

10) BEARPAW: Well, there we are calmed down. What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
“That there are still innovative minds, the developments and thus keep this archery alive.”

11) BEARPAW: What do you want to give to the people out there? Do you have a personal concern?
“As a mental coach, I would like to reiterate the importance of instinctive archery in today’s fast-paced world.Whoever wants to put his performance to the point professionally or in competition, will not be able to avoid a clear mental focus – the value in archery lies in the concentrated deceleration, the experience of one’s own goal orientation to recognize patterns of thinking and behavior and to let go.”

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