An interview with Bowhunter world

Discover the written interview with “BOWHUNTER WORLD” (Frank Schrader) & BEARPAW PRODUCTS.

1) BEARPAW: Tell us. How did you get into archery?
Just try it. The first arrows flew 2003 but since 2013 are a complete ascent to the traditional archery sport with a lot of training, instructor courses etc. And all the heart stuck there. Besides a Hard Hunter the Shadow and of course my absolute heart of the Redman belong to my bows. The Hard Hunter is well packaged. He was the first bow after the change from the longbow on Jagdrecurve and is only brought out in good weather. The standard sheet is the Redman.”

2) BEARPAW: Not bad 🙂 How long have you been active in archery?
Since 2003, since 2013 very intense.”

3) BEARPAW: And why did you choose archery?
Archery is more than just flying arrows. Intuitive archery is an aesthetically dynamic sport. Dispensing with any target device, the coordination of eye and hand is based. Just by fixing the target point, the trained subconscious man steers the bow arm to the correct height, and the arrow usually hits. Furthermore, archery connects generations. It’s never too late to learn this sport. The advantage of traditional archery is that children, parents and grandparents can do it together. Bringing the arrow to the finish requires not only the mind but also the muscles in the shoulder and back.”

4) BEARPAW: That sounds like a real fan! What did you want to be as a little kid?
“Adults 🙂 joke aside. Policeman was my dream but a heart defect has thwarted my plans.”

5) BEARPAW: What was the best decision in your career? Are you still working in addition to the archery?
“The best decision in 2013, after reorganizing my life after my burnout, was to go out of the mill of a big company and push my self-employment. Make your own decisions and for what you do, even if it was not right. Archery with therapeutic archery, course and shop is my job and there is no time for other jobs.”

6) BEARPAW: What do you like most about archery?
Fresh air, nice people and everything what was already mentioned under question 3.”

7) BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
Clearly my Redman 35 lbs. at 30 inches Extract with GoldTip traditional and Penthalon Traditional Black.”

8) BEARPAW: What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
On what we have built in the last 4 years and that we have done pioneering work in the Hannover region and have already won many new archers and will still win.”

9) BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?
Absolutely no. A day without a bow in your hand is a lost day.”

10) BEARPAW: Thats right! What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
A larger lobby in total. More cohesion in the individual associations and if I think of our company form more advice on the purchase, less online questionnaire and pseudo consultations.”

11) BEARPAW: What do you want to give to the people out there? Do you have a personal concern?
Enjoy every free minute with your bow, have fun and let’s keep the community of archers always honest and fair. Together is much more beautiful than against each other.”

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