An interview with “Der Waldläufer”

Discover the written interview with “Der Waldläufer” (Roland Volk) & BEARPAW PRODUCTS.

1) BEARPAW: How did you get into archery?
I think how many people! I always wanted to do it and when I tried it for the first time the fascination never left me.”

2) BEARPAW: Yes, we have already heard of the “legendary virus” a few times 🙂 How long have you been active in archery?
I am now active in archery for almost 20 years.”

3) BEARPAW: This is a long time! Why did you choose archery?
I can work with people, which I have already done as a leader in the industry and is personally important to me. And that in connection with the bow is a dream!”

4) BEARPAW: When a dream comes true… What did you want to be as a little kid?
I can not say exactly but probably like many little boys astronaut or firefighter.”

5) BEARPAW: Sounds great 🙂 What was the best decision in your career? Are you still working in addition to the archery?
Since I started my own business with the archery center from the beginning, this was definitely the best career decision in my life, which I did not regret for one second.”

6) BEARPAW: Nice to hear! What do you like most about archery?
The archery as we operate it is the fascination in the simplicity of doing. A good and beautiful wooden arch and then off to nature, that is a truly divine combination.”

7) BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
Honestly, I’m currently shooting a Cobra from Rudi Weick in combination with Slim Line Timber. Here I found a brilliant setup with which I am very satisfied. I change my bows every two to three years and maybe then there is a model by Bodnik bows again.”

8) BEARPAW: What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
The fact of having implemented the idea, despite all the concerns in my environment and premature death gossip from the scene.”

9) BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?

10) BEARPAW: We do not either! What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
More tolerance and openness within the styles. I can not hear these unspeakable discussions about “what’s the best bow”. We maintain a common hobby / sport and everyone should shoot the bow that suits him.”

11) BEARPAW: What do you want to give to the people out there? Do you have a personal concern?
3D or field bow sport takes place in the great outdoors. That we can do that there is not self-evident. Therefore I wish the clear respect for nature and a careful handling of it. That is the only way our sport will continue in the future.”

12) Do you have further comments?
Anyone who has ever experienced what it feels like when loosening that the arrow will sit exactly where I want him, has gone through the high school of instinctive archery and enters a new level for himself.”

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Your BEARPAW team