It is time for a new look for a popular classic – The Mohawk from Bodnik Bows!


The Clock is Ticking!

Our Mohawk has proven itself around the world! The Mohawk has earned that reputation one bow at a time. Th Mohawk success story is unmatched! It is a special high-performance bow with graceful lines, powerful limbs, and legendary durability. THIS is why the Mohawk is so famous!

We are proud of our Bodnik Bows Mohawk and are pleased to announce a new chapter in the history of this “giant” among bows!

Now it is time to say goodbye to our successful Mohawk with its dark walnut riser!

And to say hello to our NEW Mohawk riser in Bubinga!

You get three main advantages with our new bubinga Mohawk:

  • Heavier Weight – Shots are smooth – no hand shock.
  • Especially Attractive Look – The beautiful colors are rich and natural.
  • Extremely High Stability – The new riser offers more stability – is more rock solid at the shot.

In order to match the limbs perfectly to our new bubinga risers, we have changed the material in our wedges to smoked oak. We find that the deep dark appearance of the smoked oak wedges fits perfectly with the reddish risers made of bubinga – and – they can be used with our Mohawk walnut risers as well.


If you prefer the looks of the tried and true Mohawk risers in walnut, now is the time to order!


Click Here to order the Mohawk Recurve with a the original walnut riser

Click Here to order the Mohawk hybrid with a the original walnut riser

We have only a few of the original walnut risers left – they are just now waiting to get their final touches and finishing. As soon as we ship the last of these risers, then the NEW Mohawks with their beautiful reddish bubinga risers will be available!!

We will let you know as soon as the NEW Mohawks with the bubinga risers are ready for you online and then also we will have many for details!!

But one thing is certain!

The new Mohawks are coming soon!