It’s Valentina Kloos’ 10 Year Anniversary

Every employee contributes their part to the success of Bearpaw Products. In our vision and philosophy each individual employee is important and valuable. We value a long and pleasant cooperation in our Bearpaw team. The best confirmation of this philosophy is a 10-year anniversary.

Valentina Kloos manufactures the fine and precisely threaded custom strings in Flemish splice at Bearpaw Products. Every day she intertwines the individual strands to our Flemish Custom strings, which are used worldwide, in complex manual work.

We calculated and came to the huge number of about 50 000 strings that she has handcrafted.

50 000 strings of Flemish splice!

In a small ceremony, we honored Valentina for her great work and her loyalty to Bearpaw Products.

Thank you Valentia
We look forward to continuing the Bearpaw path with you for a long time.

Henry and Dorothea Bodnik
The Bearpaw Team