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Kev’s Guide to Stumping!

Today Kev sets off to the forest to immerse himself in nature and to recharge his batteries…
Something a little different for you guys today. My favourite kind of archery – Stumping!
I have been stumping in the local forest in the Westerwald, Germany for several years now and for me nothing comes close to the enjoyment and relaxation of a few hours in nature with my bow. Time to give my Bodnik Mohawk some exercise!..

If you are lucky enought to have permission to shoot in the forest nothing comes close to stumping in terms of outright pleasure. That feeling of reconnecting with nature combined with archery is a tough act to beat!
Safety is as always top of the list when it comes to shooting so make sure wherever you shoot is quiet with minimum through traffic and that you use common sense when setting yourself up to shoot. Not shooting across pathways etc goes without saying.

Although you can use just about any bow the most important piece of your equipment for stumping are the arrows. For shear toughness I recommend the Penthalon Hunter Extreme Shafts, stumping can be really hard on arrows and the Extremes are perfect for the job.


What I absolutely love is the freedom to set up exactly the shots that you want to. Any easy 8meter shot, a tricky “Shooting window” through bushes, ambitious long shots, all these and many other shots are all possible. You can mix it up as much as you like. The only limits are your imagination!

So many people have asked me about stumping and what it is, especially guys from the UK, so I thought I would put together a video for you. I hope you enjoy watching it and that it gives you a feel for the joys of stumping as well as some practical information.

Bow used –Mohawk Hybrid Take Down
Recommended Arrows – Penthalon Hunter Extreme
Arrows from the video…. Developement shafts 😉
Points – Zwickey Judo & Rubber Blunts
Armguard – Henry Bodnik Deer Hook Deluxe
Glove –Bodnik Speed Glove