Kill Tournament 2015 Will Be International

The Kill Tournament in Eisenbach is attracting more and more participants from all over the world who want to experience its fascinating challenge. This year (2nd to 3rd May, 2015) we have reached the incredible number of 150 participants, so we are overbooked. No more registrations possible.
In the national rankings occur:
6 archers from Romania
2 archers from Spain (we would like to have another archer compete for the evaluation)
7 archers from the Czech Republic
15 archers from Switzerland
8 archers from Austria
The Kill Tournament is unique and places high demands on the archers’ skills. It is shot within the range of 3 to max. 28 meters. The targets are positioned from a hunting point of view, as they occur in stalking and other hunting situations. We love to host this tournament and puzzle out every single shooting positions.
See you …
Henry and Team