BEARPAW Kill Tournament | Germany 2020

Wow, we have already received over 110 registrations! We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our BEARPAW Kill Tournament in Eisenbach on 09th – 10th May 2020. As every year Henry Bodnik will personally design and set up the hunting course. Shoot starts Saturday, at 10 am!


The BEARPAW Kill Turnier in Eisenbach – The starting signal for season 2020!

The BEARPAW Kill Tournament is unique and places a special demand on the ability to hit. All distances are in the range up to max. 28 meters so that you can safely hit the “kill” of the 3D animal. Fast arrow flight is rather obstructive here!
Traditionally the german BEARPAW Kill tournament takes place in the archery hotel in the “Schwarzwald”. Here you can also save a place to stay for the night. For registration please send an e-mail to:

That’s where you have to hit the kill! Because only there you can finally collect plus points.

You can look forward to authentic shooting situations according to real hunting criteria. “During my hunting trips in Texas, Indiana, and Alberta I have experienced many extraordinary moments and situations. These experiences flow 100% into my kill tournament. I love to host this tournament and to work out every single shooting situation” (Henry Bodnik). Find out more about our competition rules.

For many participants, the BEARPAW Kill Tournament is the annual highlight and a great challenge. The division into classes is perfectly suited for instinctive and traditional archery and is becoming more and more popular in more and more tournaments. In recent years, many national and international shooters have found their way to Eisenbach, because the winner is rewarded with considerable prize money!


Class 1
Bows made of natural material without fiberglass laminate. The arrows must be made of wood and shot over the back of the hand. Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point.

Class 2
Longbows and recurve bows, which are shot over the shelf. Arrows rests and stabilizers are not allowed. The arrows must be made of wood! Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point.

Class 3
Longbows and recurve bows, which may additionally be equipped with an arrow rest or a hunting stabilizer up to 12 inches in length. The arrows may be made of any material. A finger must carry the arrow, only a defined anchor point is allowed. Buttons / plungers and similar devices that affect the arrow reflex are not allowed.

1st day: 2 Arrow rating
Both shots count and are added
1st and 2nd arrow – kill | 10 points / arrow
1st and 2nd arrow – wounded | -2 points / arrow
1st and 2nd arrow – pale shot | 0 points / arrow

2nd day: Hunter rating
1st arrow – kill | 20 points
1st arrow – wounded | -5 point
1st arrow – miss | 0 points

Curious? Brave enough for the Kill Tournament? Well then!


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Entry fee (to be paid in advance)

  • Children under 12 years: 10€
  • Youth, 12 – 17 years: 15€
  • Adults: 30€
  • Bank account: Raiffaisenbank Naabtal
  • Account holder: Christoph Unger
  • BIC: GENODEF1SWDBLZ: 75069171
  • Account no.: 307124872IBAN: DE21750691710307124872
  • Remark of use: Killturnier + name of the shooter

♥ Your BEARPAW family with Henry Bodnik and our host Hubert Wursthorn
and Chris Unger