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Launch of the Mohawk Hybrid from Bodnik Bows

Einstieg Mohawk HybridThe development of the Mohawk Hybrid was no easy task. We wanted to to extract the maximum possible performance out of the design and develop an extremely special bow.

In the opinion of Henry Bodnik the shape of the Hybrid bow is the perfect shape to achieve this. Power curve, performance and precision are taken to the absolute optimum ratio. The Bearpaw bowyers took over a year in the development of these bow limbs.

Our tester and bowyers are completely thrilled with the results!


The main challenge was to keep the powerful form of a hybrid limbs stable under stress even with low draw weights and brace heights. With extreme hybrid bows this is a well know problem worldwide. Along the way we tried numerous possible solutions and built limbs with many variations of shape and materials. Again and again we had to go back to the drawing board because the limbs were‘nt stable enough at draw weights below 40 lbs. It took a long time to develop the functionality of the limbs and come up with the magic formula but with the help of our testers around the world we didnt give up. In the end we were rewarded for our patience with the extremely high performance Mohawk Hybrid.30144-03 At this point I would like to thank all our friends and partners who have helped us with many suggestions and tests to help realize the Mohawk Hybrid .

The Mohawk Hybrid has already become a legend of a bow!

Mohawk Hybrid: 498,oo Euro


Henry Bodnik just cant stop enthusing about this great bow.

All of our work was completely worth it. Its an unbelievably fast and stable bow. Archers around the globe love it and have given us some fantastic feedback. It has the perfect balance of accuracy and performance. The Mohawk Hybrid is 62” long and easily allows a draw length of 31”. It even has a smooth and easy draw! One of the things that immediately strikes you is how quiet and powerfully the hybrid performs. The limbs are available in weights of 20 – 55lbs. The bow is so good it can even show recurves a thing or two!  (Henry Bodnik)

The Mohawk Hybrid is available through all good Bearpaw dealers or direkct from the Bearpaw Online Shop:

Link to the Mohawk Hybrid

For several weeks now we have also been selling the Mohawk Chief in hybrid form. Around the whole world of archery our customers are blown away by the Mohawk Chief. If you havent seen this version yet check out the link and see the deluxe version of the Mohawk Hybrid for yourself!

Link to the Mohawk Chief Hybrid

In the last few weeks we have been busy producing all weights of Hybrid limbs so that we can guarantee good availablity despite high demand. Orders are obviously sent out on a first come first served basis. From May onwards the Mohawk Hybrid limbs will also be available via our online shop. The Mohawk Recurve can be retro-fitted with the Hybrid limbs.


Important Technical Information:
Don’t mix Mohawk and Mohawk Chief components. Limb tiller is different! Mohawk Chief handles are more stable and bending different as regular Mohawk handles. Don’t mix without getting special tillered limbs!