Linlee Chan shoots a Mingo of Bodnik Bows

_LEE1889 (2)Linlee Chan is a passionate archer from Australia. During the week, she is busy to organizing her family as a single mother. Instinctive Archery is her secret escape and gives her the opportunity to recharge her batteries.

_LEE1743Where it is possible, Linlee tries to escape into nature, to merge with nature in secret places. The truth within nature helps her to come back to her center and provides clarity in her daily thoughts.

_LEE1884It is a new challenge over and over again to stroll through nature, shooting arrow after arrow at small pieces of wood and striking spots. Skill, adaptability and physical fitness are required. “I always come back with many fascinating experiences and images that enrich my life. Instinctive archery is for me an important part of my life.”

_LEE1750“My short draw length has made it very difficult for me to find a suitable and powerful bow.

I have found the Bodnik Bows Mingo a perfect bow for my trips into the Australian landscape.” (Linlee Chan)