LIVE: The new Bearpaw location finder

It’s finally live – the new BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER

Last Friday afternoon, our new BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER went live. Already in the first three days it was a huge success.

Because of the huge sucess the BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER even was temporary not available. For this we would like to apologize again! Of course we solved the problem, so you can find the BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER now under the domain (or just follow this link).
The BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER is also linked in the start page:

Important News:

Because of the high demand for placements on the BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER, we only can provide limited places. That means: being fast is worth it!
You also miss the dealer of your trust or your favorite archery course? Or you want to be part of the BEARPAW LOCATION FINDERS too? Then hurry up and send your request via e-mail to: Then you will be waitlisted.