Luxpaw Archery Gets A Visit From Bearpaw!

LUXPAW “Feel the Nature”

Kevin Smith from Bearpaw recently had the chance to spend some time with Luxpaw Archery and shoot a really enjoyable, relaxing Saturday afternoon in Windeck, Germany. Not only did he find them to be dedicated, passionate archers but also a really friendly, welcoming group of people.

During his time there Kevin had the opportunity to ask a few question and get a bit of the background behind the Luxpaw story…

So who is behind Luxpaw Archery?…
Hi, my name is Michael Thielen and I was born in Cologne in 1968 where I also grew up. My Grandfather was an avid archer who also built his own bows. Its was him that showed me the art of archery at the age of 12 years old. Today I am an archery coach and club founder at Luxpaw Archery in Windeck on the edge of the beautiful Westerwald in Germany.

Where did the idea for Luxpaw come from?…
Approximately 5 years ago I had the idea to expand the leisure facilities in the countryside where I now live. Not everyone wants to play football or table tennis after all! At this time you could count on one hand the opportunities to try other sports. For me there was a definite chance to introduce archery as an option for those looking to find an interst in sport. At the beginning it was just my own private initiative but in 2012 grew into a proper club.

How did you come up with the name Luxpaw?…
Many years ago t
here used to be wild lynx in the Windeck countryside (Luchse in German). While shooting a forest round together with the kids the group discovered an oversized paw print in the forest soil. The kids thought it was a “Lux-Pfote” (pawprint). The kids phonetics was actually the reason for today’s spelling of the club name.
But the club wanted an English name and so it was adapted slightly. So “Lux-Pfote” became Luxpaw!
Fortunately the Internet domain was still available so now everybody can find us really easily!

What is Luxpaw all about?…
The club has taken on the task of promoting outdoor activities for youngsters in an attempt to lure them away from their TVs and PCs. During training they learn the proper handling of a bow and arrow and even how to make their own arrows. They also learn about the special bond with nature we have, which is sadly often forgotten about nowadays. Our wonderful hobby of archery helps to reconnect people and to bring them closer to nature again. Having said all that the Adults have now become just as big a part of the club and they have at least as much fun as the kids! Instinctive Archery is not merely a pastime for the members of Luxpaw Archery but also a philosophy of life!

So what else does Luxpaw do?…
Since 2013 Luxpaw also became an archery dealer. We offer mainly products from Bearpaw-Products. Also the club offers courses in instinctive archery. Primarily for private events but also for corporate events or to promote health. Neck and shoulder problems or even difficulty concentrating can be alleviated through archery.

Where and when can people find you?…
Luxpaw Archery can be found in Altwindeck surrounding the foot of a ruined castle and beautiful forests. The official training times are Thursdays and Saturdays. The times are kept flexible and are communicated to the club members by e-mail.
Anybody who would like to try archery for the first time can send me an inquiry and we will arrange dates and times for you.

“Many thanks to Michael and his guys and girls at Luxpaw for making me feel so welcome. It was really nice to catch up with you guys and spend a couple of hours shooting with you” (Kevin Smith)

How to reach Luxpaw…
Luxpaw e.V. und Bogensport Luxpaw
Michael Thielen
Im Thal Windeck 13
51570 Windeck

Tel:02292 911470
Mobil:0163 7811234
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Facebook: Luxpaw or Michael Thielen