Magical Days with Bow and arrows

20430_892983827427992_6265115011262461142_n (2)From 14th to 17th May in Eisenbach at the Bogensport hotel run by Hubert Wurstenhorn was the 2nd annual instinctive archery meeting, “Gathering of the Clan” .

The “Clan TST” and also the “Fellowship of the Bow” are both closed groups on Facebook.
The original idea for
the Clan Gathering was born out of the sheer passion for instinctive archery and the aim was to bring together instinctive archers from all around the world to enjoy their common interest together.
The incredible possibilities that the social media network offers can only be appreciated after experiencing amazing events like the Clan Gathering and spending a few days with its members…

Instinctive archery has its
epicenter here in central Europe.
This is where we created the amazing history of instinctive archery
and it can be traced to all parts of Europe.
France, Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Germany
(and many other countries that belong to Europe)


Its impossible to describe with words and pictures but these few magical days with bow and arrow exceeded all expectations and for many attendees its changed their world forever!
From a simple crazy idea
many archers from different countries set about turning the faces and the stories they has seen on social media into reality. There are so many special and incredible stories and people to talk about that there just isn’t room here to include it all.

Rainy_DayIts no fun shooting in the rain but on Friday the “Waldläuferparcours” in Donaueschingen was on the agenda and nobody wanted to miss out on shooting at this wonderful course. Despite the rain we will enthuse about this day for many years to come! We experienced 6 extremely wet hours shooting arrow after arrow. The rain just didnt stop but neither did we!!!

We were cold and soaked through to the skin but despite that we made our way back to the Bogensporthotel with such an incredible feeling!

We were there on this hellishly wet and cold shoot!

There was something completely special about th
is day.

rainy_Day3In the shooting hall later on and late into the night these archery crazy people were still letting the arrows fly. Even long after midnight they still had a bow in hand and shot arrow after arrow! In the informal and relaxed atmosphere you could really sense the magic of archery.

FellowshipOn Saturday we held the Clan tournament on the extensive Bogensporthotel Bad course. There were 48 shooting stands in total and we shot 2 arrows per target. Scoring was 2 points for a kill or 1 point for a body shot (Hunter Round).
Here we go again spending another 7 hours shooting arrow after arrow and really enjoying the course. With each shot the casual and relaxed atmosphere of the meeting was ever present. What a tremendous day with bow and arrow for all the participants!

The_Gathering_3Many thanks to John Ryan! Your photos are really great!!!


Pic John Ryan

Thousands of pictures were taken through the course of the day

The_GatheringPic John Ryan

I shared the honours and the Clan trophies for the longbow and recurve class with Jim Grizzly Kent. Congratulations to Jim for his 1st place in the recurve class!

Henry&JimAfter the last breakfast together on Sunday morning the Clan Gathering was brought to a close and it was time for the participants to make their way home. Some Clan members were taken to the airports but others had extra nights booked with Hubert at the Bogensporthotel.
Everyone found saying goodbye
extremely damn hard! We hung around on the car park telling all the fantastic stories about our crazy time together and not really wanting to leave.

Nobody could truly believe what had happened over the last few fantastic days!

What the members from all of the different countries had experienced was
some of the magic of instinctive archery.

Clan TST