Manuela Bürkle wins the 10th Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Germany!

IMG_0071The exciting and realistic format of the Kill Tournaments, developed by Henry Bodnik are gaining in popularity and attract more and more archers every year.  All of the shooting positions are reminiscent of the early days or archery when shooting at 3D targets and target faces of animals were used as a training tool for bowhunting. It was from these practices from days gone by that Henry got the idea for his realistic bowhunting kill tournaments of today. All shots are a maximum of 28 meters, and they are all set up to replicate hunting situations as they would be in the wild. Henry’s extensive bowhunting experiences help him to make sure that every shot station is exciting, challenging, and as close to real life hunting as possible.

Every Bearpaw Kill Tournament is open to traditional archers only and is limited to 150 participants.

To experience the special ‘feeling’ and the realistic flavor of the Bearpaw Products Bowhunting Kill Tournaments take a look at the video below!

In the first two days of this Bowhunter tournament, the winners of the 3 traditional bow classes are determined. The results and class winners of the 10th Anniversary Tournament can be found in the following chart.

Kill Turnier 2018A large number of 80 archers participated in mens bow class #3!Kill Turnier2 2018_!

Based on the final rankings of the individual classes, the participants will then be determined for the final. In the final, the best archers, youth and women compete in a KO system shoot out for the tournament victory and some of the prize money sponsored by Bearpaw Products of 1800 Euros!

We would like to thank FuwaForest Films EDC for the following video that shows our exciting final at the 10th Bearpaw Bowhunter Tournament!

In a breathtaking final, this time a woman would win this special tournament and, in addition to the title of the tournament, could win the 1000 Euro prize.


We congratulate Manuela Bürkle from Switzerland for the tournament victory and the prize money of 1000 Euro!

Urkunde Gesamtsieger

We are looking forward to reporting in a subsequent blog post more details about the great victory of Switzerland in the Nations Cup!