Miriam Heller and Iwan Walser are Swiss Champions

headerThomas Kaufmann is our Bearpaw dealer in Switzerland. His large-scale and intensive work with Bearpaw Products Switzerland has born many fruits for instinctive archery and the Bearpaw brand. Many Swiss archers contacted Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products repeatedly and called for better coverage in Switzerland. We thank Thomas Kaufmann who has been able to close this gap with his company Bearpaw Switzerland.

We are particularly excited about the successes of Ivan Walser and Miriam Heller during the Swiss Championships. Both won the title of Swiss Champion with their Bodnik Bows and Bearpaw Setup.
Congratulations Miriam and Iwan!
Thank you and congratulations to Simon Heller for his performance as the two teenagers’ trainer and coach.
Swiss champion with Bearpaw and Bodnik bows!
At the 3-D Swiss championship FAAS
in Saanenmöser, Switzerland, on 12th and 13th September.

8DkTG28EyaMiriam Heller
12 years old
She currently shoots a Slick Stick 25# 28“
with Slimline Timber shafts spine 1300
Winner in the class Cub Female Barebow Recurve with 660 points.

lcVg5mjka9Iwan Walser
12 years old
He currently shoots a Tombow 35# 28“
with Slimline Timber shafts spine 800
Winner in the class Cub Male Barebow Recurve with 776 points.

F3X0tmHNpxThank you Miriam and Iwan shooting Bodnik Bows!

emVEHjuNOgYou can go directly to the internet presence of Bearpaw Switzerland here: