Mohawk Chief Hybrid – An Owners Review…

Robert Fischer-Anisic is a Bearpaw customer who lives in Austria and has been shooting Bodnik Bows for some time now. Four months ago he took delivery of his Bodnik Mohawk Chief Hybrid and he hasnt stopped grinning yet!
Here are a few words about his time with the bow so far…

“I actually wanted the initial euphoria of receiving this bow die down a bit to give you an objective review but…. Sorry, even after several weeks of ownership im still as excited as on day one!
Every time I have this bow in my hand the excitement starts to build inside of me and I cant wait to get back on a 3D course!

Firstly a few facts about my Bodnik Mohawk Chief Hybrid:

Model: MOHAWK Chief
Version: Custom
Riser: Actionwood with Mycarta
Limbs: Hybrid with Indian Apple Tineo veneer
Length: 62 inches
Bow weight: 55@30”
String: 10 Strand Whisper String


The riser is made of really striking Actionwood. I find the “Desert Camo” looks absolutely stunning. The three layer maple/mycarta/maple is purely for styling and doesnt play any role in the stiffness of the riser. The sight window of the riser is cut to center and the shelf is cut in such a way that the arrow lies directly over the deepest point of the grip cut-out. The only thing Im still getting used to is the grip itself as Ive been used to shooting one-piece longbows for many years.

Natural Camo Effect


My Hybrid limbs were ordered with a veneer of Indian Apple “Tineo”. The intricate way that the colours of the limbs combine together makes a natural camouflage and is something that I will never get tired of looking at! The Fit and shape of the limbs flows nicely from the profile of the riser and the limbs taper to a nice slim finish at the tips.
In my opinion the draw is really smooth and linear with absolutely no sign of stacking which all makes it very comfortable to anchor. Also, the stable core of the limbs make them very resistant to twisting.

The limb fitment is simplicity itself: one pin and one bolt per limb – perfectly adequate – it doesnt need more, no gap and no edges to disturb the eye.

My Mohawk came with a 10 strand Whisper string included as part of the package. This thin string took no getting used to at all as I know them well from using my Bodnik Quick Stick.


I decided to fit Beaver Puffs string silencers but purely for their looks. The combination of Hybrid limbs and Whisper String mean that the bow is almost silent as standard with the only noise coming from the hissing of the arrows feathers through the air. With an almost silent set-up – a dream for all bow hunters – the string silencers arent really necessary but look cool anyway!
If the silencers take a slight amount of speed out of the bow its not really a problem. There is so much energy in this bow that
it can easily handle losing a couple of FPS off the speed.

To be able to see the arrows in flight I fitted “tracers” to enable me to see them in flight, thats says a lot about the speed that this bow delivers!


A hybrid take-down
that really has it all! and has an unbeatable price to performance ratio – and on top of that the Bodnik Bows 30 year guarantee!
A unique package that you wont find this anywhere else…”

Henry Bodnik says:
Many thanks for this great feedback
Robert! Enjoy many years with your new bow!

Link to the Bodnik Mohawk Chief Hybrid