Mohican Bow review from Bolster Import LTD in Haifa

13781917_1764814857099460_8863280833495278995_nBearpaw Mohican review. (Bolster Import LTD, Haifa)

We have to say thanks to Shay to do this nice review about our Bearpaw Mohican Take Down bow. Shay Peleg is the man behind Instinctive Archery in Israel. We are glad, to have such a passionated person behind Bearpaw Products, Bodnik Bows and traditional archery in Israel.

Thank you Shay to go ahead with Bearpaw Products.

Thank you to do such a great job for archery.

Henry Bodnik

“Bearpaw released this new bow a month ago as a beginner’s bow in a reasonable price and it is! The Mohican is the second generation of the Hard Hunter. Which was a good beginning bow.

Technically, the two bows looks almost the same but they are not.
The risers, from the side share the same shape and size. When looking from the back, you notice that the Mohican’s grip is thicker and the grip is much more solid than the hard hunter.

The Mohican’s riser built with action wood and suits better with the black limbs.
Limbs: first, i have noticed that the Mohican’s limbs are getting thinner close to the tips . And the recurve is different.

When Bearpaw said that the Mohican can be drawn to 32 inches, I thought “they fixed the problem” the hard Hunter was hard to draw now it will be ok..
Took this bow for almost three weeks as my only bow (I am shooting every day). After stringing the bow, from the first arrow to the last, the arrows just hit the target!

The heavy riser combined with one of the best grips I tried, gives a very stabilized and consistent bow. Took the first draw, and indeed the bow is smooth to draw.
In this case the bow 45# at 28″ my draw is 30″ and still, no problem (something I can’t say on the hard Hunter).
The Mohican was a very good partner of me in the club for target shooting, roving and competition. The arrows fly straight a pretty fast to the target!

As the price of this bow is reasonable-almost 200 Euro. you get a Bearpaw quality bow with superb shooting capability.

Note: this bow is not a Bodnik bow. The bow’s quality is very good, but still not like a Bodnik bow.
Also the warranty is two years (that is more than enough), not 30 years.

Rugged and yet pleasant to the aye bow with shooting capabilities like expensive bows. Very expensive…”

To get more information about our great and new Mohican please contact your well sorted Bearpaw Dealer.

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