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Much More Information About The Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Our durable Feather Cutter is made of hard plastic (PP). It was important to us to present a heavy and robust base unit.
For each individual feather form, precision tools were manufactured. Thus, we ensure that every change adapter is identical. Each punching blade is made of sharp and resilient tool steel. This is how we try to meet our high demands on durability and many stamping operations.

Changing the individual feather forms can be conducted simply and precisely. Every single tool is labelled, to prevent confusion and to optimize the use in stamping.

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

The different shapes of feathers can be adjusted in length to nearly 1 inch. For each individual feather form you can adjust feather length and height to a large extent. Therefore, our Feather Cutter is unsurpassed in its area.

All the important parts for our Feather Cutter are available as single products, to ensure the high quality of the punching operations over time.

Product range of Bearpaw Feather Cutter:

Bearpaw Feather Cutter (including one feather form)
Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Bearpaw change adapters (12 different feather shapes)
Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Bearpaw punching plate
Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Bearpaw rubber strips
Bearpaw Feather Cutter

In many countries left-wound feathers are preferred in traditional archery. For this reason, we offer our cutting devices for right- and left-wound feathers. Below you will find all forms offered:

  • Rightwound 5 inch Shield
  • Leftwound 5 inch Shield
  • Rightwound 4 inch Shield
  • Leftwound 4 inch Shield

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

  • Rightwound 5 inch Parabolic
  • Leftwound 5 inch Parabolic
  • Rightwound 4 inch Parabolic
  • Leftwound 4 inch Parabolic

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

  • Indian Style rightwound (Custom Length)
  • Indian Style leftwound (Custom Length)

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

  • Banana 4.5 inches (suitable for right-and left-wound feathers)
  • Banana 5.5 inches (suitable for right-and left-wound feathers)

Bearpaw Feather Cutter

Bearpaw Feather Cutter