New 100 grs. Stainless Steel Insert for Heavy Hunter Shafts

There is now a new 100 grs. insert for Heavy Hunter shafts. The possibilities to fune tune the Heavy Hunter shafts have thus become more precise and versatile. We had just received demands for a heavy insert to influence the FOC (front of center balance) more strongly towards the tip from the US, when Byron Ferguson revealed in a live interview during a Bearpaw dealer meeting that he shot an FOC of over 20%. This assures him with more accurate and precise shots.

Along with the company Gold Tip, we now introduce the new Heavy Hunter 100 grs. Insert. It is made of 100% Stainless Steel and produced in the United States. We don’t allow for any compromises and only work with quality manufacturers in the United States. Only then can we guarantee the quality and precision we are famous for. An additional feature of this new insert allows for fine tuning via a thread on the underside by means of small weight screws (Gold Tip Weight Screw System).

The standard inserts (aluminum) of Gold Tip can now be optimized with the Weight Screw System as well.

Bearpaw Steel Inserts