New Penthalon Long Insert

Together Gold Tip and Bearpaw Products developed a new aluminum insert for carbon arrow shafts. The Gold Tip development team used all of their considerable experience with inserts during the design phase. Additionally they conducted calculations similar to “finite elements” in order to determine the shear force upon the adhesive surfaces needed to achieve the maximum extraction force so that an optimal adhesion could be realized. The new insert is a 50 grain insert with a total length of 52mm with special optimized exterior shaft geometry. The developers are convinced that there is a whole list of advantages that the current products that are on the market don’t have.

Timbersticks Long Inserts Bearpaw

The most important are:

By enlarging the active adhesion surface the bonding force between the carbon shaft and the aluminum insert was considerably increased. Additionally its exterior shaft geometry prevents the twisting of the insert when experiencing high torsion loads.

The long aluminum insert improves the energy transfer between the arrowhead and the shaft that occurs when hitting a target. To wit the danger of damaging an arrow in extreme impact conditions is drastically reduced.

With the significantly increased mass of 50 grains (compared to 11 grains for standard aluminum inserts) the FOC (Forward of Center) balance shifts markedly toward the arrowhead. Furthermore when using these new inserts Bearpaw Products sees an appropriate chance for increasing the weight of the shaft tip significantly for certain applications. This would be advantageous especially for hunters because the arrow will achieve a stable flight path sooner after the release than without.

The new insert will be available in June 2011 at Bearpaw Products and it is appropriate for use with all Gold Tip arrow shafts (Traditional Hunter, Entrada, Ted Nugent,…). This also includes the newly developed Gold Tip shaft “Timberstick” that was developed especially for and with Bearpaw Products.

The technical data for the “Timberstick” insert:

Total length: 52mm
Head ring dimension: 2mm
Head ring diameter: 7.82mm
Shaft diameter: 6.25mm
Total mass: 50 grains (3.2 grams)

Timbersticks Long Inserts Bearpaw