New Archery Basics Video

We are happy to finally  show you a new video in our Archery Basics series. This time our friend and partner Byron Ferguson recorded the video for us.

The new Byron Ferguson carbon shaft Heavy Hunter is known as the most robust carbon shaft worldwide. Byron Ferguson himself tested it under harsh conditions and confirmed its toughness. It is very important to prepare the shaft correctly before shooting it. In particular, when shortening the shaft and glueing in the insert, the correct steps need to be taken. Byron Ferguson recorded this short video tutorial to help bring out the great qualities of the Heavy Hunter carbon shafts to their fullest.

Here are some very important basics:

A carbon shaft can never be shortened with a pipe cutter;
Always let your specialized dealer shorten your carbon shafts for you or cut them yourself to length with a high-speed cutter;
After trimming carbon shafts always treat them as is shown in the video.

Have fun watching

Henry Bodnik and the Bearpaw Team