New Hopi and Mohican now online


People taking their first step in archery are not usually willing to invest large amounts of money at first. Before that, its natural that people want to see if archery is going to be the right hobby for them. Also its often the case that people arent sure whether they want a longbow or a recurve. Sometimes these decisions can be really hard to come to!

We have tried to find great bows even in the lower price bracket that we can recommend to those taking their first steps with a bow and arrow with a good and clear conscience. We want those starting out to have a good experience that they can recommend to others.

Even in this class the bow and the price must be right!

With the new Hopi and the Mohican we think we have achieved this goal perfectly.
Together with our manufacturer we were able to realize our vision of quality and performance.
This week we received the first delivery of the new bows from our manufacturer in Asia. Chris Unger (Bodnik Bows chief bowyer) went straight out with the Bearpaw Hopi and the Bearpaw Mohican to test them out and put them through their paces.

Mohican-Chris-01-webOnly after Henry Bodnik and Chris Unger had personally measured and shot the new bows we were able to make the new models were ready to go online. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results of our test and are now absolutely positive that the quality and shooting performance of the Bearpaw Hopi and Bearpaw Mohican far exceeds expectations.

Hunting Recurve Hopi


The Hopi is the perfect bow for those taking their first steps in archery. This powerful hunting one piece recurve really impresses with its great looks. Being a compact bow of 60” it offers an excellent shooting “feel” right out to its maximum draw length of 32”. Together with our manufacturer we were able to include many of the great features of our “Bodnik Bows” in this bow despite the lower price range.

A lot of bow for very little outlay

Length: 60″
Weight: 25 – 50 lbs in 5 lbs increments
Limbs: Maple with clear glass

Take Down Recurve Mohican

30160-01The Mohican sits really securely and firmly in the hand even before the arrow leaves the bow. The riser is produced from stable Actionwood and compliments the looks of the black limbs perfectly. When it comes to take-down recurves in the beginners class the Mohican is a bow that cannot be overlooked. The recurve limbs are beautifully smooth all the way to their maximum of 32” draw length and offer amazing levels of stable shooting and outstanding speed.

A bow that will have you hooked from the first shot!

Length: 60 Zoll
Weight: 30 – 50 lbs in 5 lbs increments (25 lbs coming soon)
Riser: Actionwood, Ash and Macore
Limbs: Maple with black glass

Further info available via the Bearpaw Shop or through all good Bearpaw dealers.

Link to Hunting Recurve Hopi

Link to Take Down Recurve Mohican