New Penthalon nocks “Made in Germany”


  1. Report on the new Penthalon Speed Nocks

At Bearpaw Products it is well known that we constantly strive in the persuit of quality. Wherever possible we intend that our products be produced in Germany.
Now that we have realized a huge leap in quality with our new carbon Penthalon Hunter Extreme and Penthalon Traditional shafts we dont want to make any compromises in terms of quality with the nocks. For all future production the nocks are for our thicker carbon shafts (ID .245 , Penthalon Hunter Extreme, Penthalon Tradional Black, Penthalon Traditional Timber, Penthalon Traditonal Bamboo and Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter shaft) will all be “Made In Germany”.
Here we can monitor the quality of the production and our nocks will be produced according to the principles of German quality engineering. We will inform you via this blog about the progress of our new Penthalon Speed nocks.

Bearpaw Speed Nock Push InThe nocks have already been designed according to our construction requirments. The next step is to have samples made to perform preliminary tests. Here we will check the basic shape and their technical characteristics. In the meantime the construction of the injection molding tooling can be completed. We will let you also keep you updated about the injection molding tool with which we will produce your nocks here in Germany. More information to follow.

According to the information we have from the tooling company and the production firm we should have the new “Made in Germany” Penthalon nocks available for you toward the end of March.

Direct link to the Bearpaw Shop and the brand new Penthalon Traditional and the Penthalon Hunter Extreme carbon shafts

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Penthalon Hunter Extreme

Penthalon Hunter Extreme Carbon shafts

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