New price structures of the Bodnik Bows

Bearpaw Products

During the last year 2010 and in the first half of this year uncertainty in the overall performance of our economy has grown as well significant increases of raw materials needed to be noted. Notable, our bowers building plants were very much hit from those developments. This record has been supervised by us closely, but we did not adjust prices significantly during that time frame, because we wanted to keep a rather stable structure at the Bodnik Bows and our products for all our dealers. At the bow product family all raw material prices increased significantly.

However, during September and October we are forced to adjust prices in a certain range as those cost increase can not be carried by Bearpaw Products alone. The new prices will be effective on 1st of September 2011. In the following please find some deeper background information of it:

Glass laminates
By this material we had used a well-known supplier with affordable prices since 2009. Many other bowers used it as well. Unfortunately late in the year 2010 we found out that the quality is not in the high scope we really need for our products. Therefore we decided to switch and now purchase our material from another, also repudiated company. The drawback on that is that material is in average 35 % more expensive. Certainly the quality of our bow will now increase, e.g. the clearness of the glass is significantly better. We decided and choose here clear a position for quality!

Bearpaw Products - Neue Preise

To all our Bodnik Bows we ship one cover, a handmade string, one nock-point as well the appropriate arrow rest, or shelf rest respectively. To our opinion these items simply belong to the bow. Of all course those items also influence the final price of the bow. At the accessories also price increase of approximately 10 % could be seen.

Labour costs
All workers in the shop need to be paid fair for good quality work in order to keep overall quality and performance of workers on best level. Therefore we needed to adjust here costs in reasonable charge too.

Bearpaw Products - Neue Preise

Currency exchanges
As many material items (e.g. wood) do come from international suppliers we had seen here negative impact on costs too in purchasing some other parts. Additional measures from us were needed to put in place.

With all those clarification we wanted to give you needed view to understand Bearpaws price adjustment and count on your continuous loyalty on our company. Certainly we are available to you for any further questions you might have in that respect. We are convinced that we continue being No. 1 worldwide in traditional archery with our fair and reasonable prices for our bows.

Thanks to all our customers and Dealers

Go Bearpaw
Henry M Bodnik
Bearpaw Products GmbH