New video of the 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Germany

Killtournament_1It has taken us a while – but here is the first video of the 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Germany.

But now – here it is – ready for you online!

Join us and Feel the Spirit of the first two days of this special tournament by Henry Bodnik. See the challenging shots and the many traditional archers of all ages enjoying shooting their bows at realistic 3D targets out in nature during the first two days. The video opens a window for you to see what to expect when you attend one of Henry Bodnik’s Kill Tournaments. Follow the instinctive archers as they shoot. See the fun, the smiles, and the conversation. During the first two days the scores of the archers will determine who will participate in the finals. Click on the video below – and enjoy!

The special shooting positions, the chance to shoot with so many traditional archers, and the beautiful location attract many instinctive archers every year to the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Germany held at the Bogensporthotel Bad in Hochschwarzwald.

Enjoy the Video!

In about 14 days, here on the Bearpaw Blog, we will post a second video that will cover the Kill tournament finals, we will acknowledge all the various winners including the winners of the 1800 euros.

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