New Bodnik Hunter Recurve is Online!

30049-bodnik-hunter-01We have further developed our tried and tested Bodnik Bows Grizzly and Kodiak Hunter and can now introduce our new Bodnik Hunter. For many years now, these two Hunter models have been indispensable in the world of traditional archery. After more than 10 years we decided to get our hands on these tried and tested bows to develop them further. The Hunter is an absolute classic that epitomizes performance and elegance. This bow has history!

Henry Bodnik placed 3 main points of focus on the further development of the Hunter model!

  • Even more elegance and aesthetics
  • Even more shooting stability
  • Even more performance

For the limbs of the new Bodnik Hunters we have used our tried and tested Bearpaw bamboo laminate to achieve a higher arrow speed and performance.

We have swapped the walnut of the old riser with Bubinga to increase the weight. In this way we are able to give the Bodnik Hunter more stability and shooting comfort.

And lets be honest…

The red of the Bubinga looks absolutely beautiful on the Bodnik Hunter!


After he got the first prototypes of the new Bodnik Hunters, when it came time to carry out the shooting tests, Henry Bodnik was completely blown away when he saw the results of all the changes. The combination of red Bubinga with black Bearpaw Powerglas looks simply sensational! The bamboo limbs develop an amazing amount of power!

The incredible thing is that the price will stay at anĀ unbelievable 395 Euro!!


The new Bodnik Hunter is available via all well stocked Bearpaw dealers or direct via the Bearpaw Shop. The Bodnik Hunter is available in all draw weights and versions and can are available for immediate shipping!

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We still some of our tried and tested Bodnik Bows Grizzly Hunter and Kodiak Hunter in stock. Both bows are only available as long as stocks last. Now is the last chance to get your hands on either the Grizzly Hunter or the Kodiak Hunter!

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30 Year Bodnik Bows Guarantee

In the USA our Bodnik Bows have a lifetime guarantee! Since the concept of a lifelong guarantee in Germany can not legally be used we have had to limit our Bodnik Bows guarantee to 30 years! However, for us, selling a bow is the beginning of a lifelong partnership that goes beyond this 30 year limit. Our guarantee is in effect valid beyond 30 years! We stand solidly behind our good name and reputation!
(Henry Bodnik)

Details of the Bodnik Bows Guarantee