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News from Anna Catling! Bodnik Bows in the UK!

anna_1In this blog post I am going to steer away from my own opinions and take a look at what others think of Bodnik bows.

Some members of my club at Fort Purbrook have recently bought Bodnik Bows. After hearing their stories of success, I interviewed them about their bows. The three people I have interviewed are Sue Kenworthy and Gary Goodchild who both own Bodnik Mohawks and Ashley Dorey who owns a Bodnik Starhunter.

Gary Goodchild

Why did You buy a Bodnik bow?

I bought a Bodnik for a number of reasons. I had seen a couple in use at the club, Anna’s Raven and Sue’s Mohawk, and was impressed by the way they looked and the way they shot. I was also impressed by the long warranty which says a lot about Bodnik’s confidence in their products.

Did you look at any other type of bows?

I didn’t really look at any other bows when deciding on the Mohawk. I think I knew exactly what I wanted.

What is your bow like to shoot?

The Mohawk is great to shoot. Definitely smooth to draw, very quick and (now I’ve set the brace height correctly), no handshock. The first time that I took it into the woods it felt like I already knew this bow!

Do you like the appearance of your bow?

I really like the look of the bow. It’s very functional and purposeful in design, very German!

Would you buy a Bodnik bow again?

Yes, I WILL buy another Bodnik. I already know what I’d like next.

What is the best thing about your bow?

The best thing about this bow is that it feels so natural to shoot.

Anything else you would like to add?

The Mohawk took a while to arrive, partly due to the fact that they are made to order. But it was definitely worth the wait.


Ashley Dorey

Why did You buy a Bodnik bow?

I bought a Bodnik bow so I could take a break from shooting my freestyle recurve that I’ll be using for competitions. As much as I love my recurve, it’s nice to take a break, and return to something with a much more natural feel.

Did you look at any other type of bows?

Honestly? I didn’t look at many others. I first sought out traditional recurves, but shortly decided on the flatbow I have now due to the fact that it reminds me of my time on the beginners course. It’s solid, and – simply put – does what’s asked of it brilliantly.

What is your bow like to shoot?

My Bodnik Starhunter feels so natural to me and shoots with a solid power that I’ve come to expect from many bows, but it’s definitely got its own personality and quirks, I can say that much. As a small downside, the vibration with each shot catches me off guard, but I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I only have my competition recurve to compare it to.

Do you like the appearance of your bow?

Oh yes. In keeping with the natural theme I was looking for, my starhunter looks fantastic. From the colour to its laminations, it’s smooth-to-touch feel to its personalised details on the reverse of the lower limb, I couldn’t ask for anything more for the price tag it came with.

Would you buy a Bodnik bow again?

As my bow was purely bought to break up training with my competition recurve, I will most likely not be purchasing another Bodnik bow, but I can most definitely see the allure!

What is the best thing about your bow?

The best thing about my bow is it’s all natural look and feel.

How many bows do you own?

I now own three bows: my competition recurve, my compound, and my Bodnik flatbow.

Anything else you would like to add?

As a final note, I would just like to add that I give Bodnik Bows my personal and unofficial seal of approval as an archery company; their equipment quality is way up there in my books, and I couldn’t be happier with new stick-and-string. Many thanks Bodnik Bows!


Sue Kenworthy


Why did you buy a Bodnik bow

I needed a decent takedown bow to take travelling as English longbows and AFBs are really impractical to take on a plane. I bought my Mohawk Hybrid following a disappointment with a Hoyt Tiburon that I’d had my heart set on for a while, but when I bought the Tiburon, it turned out to be twisted and had to go back.  I’d noticed a lot of excitement around the Mohawk hybrid in my Facebook groups, and after asking Kev Smith’s and Ian Claridge’s opinions, I was delighted to be able to have the opportunity to buy a prototype one from Wolfie Hughes.

Did you look at any other types of bow? 

When I was originally looking for a takedown recurve bow to take on holiday, I researched many bows around the £250 to £600 mark. I bought a Samick bow second hand but it turned out to have a twisted riser that then had twisted the limbs and wasn’t going to be safe to shoot in the long term and while I was helped out by another kind archer for my first archery holiday, I still needed to find a decent traditional takedown bow within my price range.

What is your bow like to shoot?

My Mohawk Hybrid has such a smooth draw, it’s so quiet and has no hand shock. The 30 year guarantee gives me a lot of confidence that it’s not going to fall apart when I’m shooting, like some of my other bows have. This in turn makes me a more confident archer and I feel empowered when I shoot it.

Do you like the appearance of your bow?

Yes, my bow is unique and special. I think the subtle wood grain of the walnut riser is so naturally beautiful along with the unusual white micarta stripes and my bow looks great with its silver toned “Cedric” bolts.

Would you buy a Bodnik bow again?

Without doubt. I’m already working out what wood combinations I’d like for a custom Mohawk Chief.

What is the best thing about your bow?

All of it!

Bodnik do make great bows and it’s not just me that says so. I hope that any of you contemplating the purchase of a new bow might find these reviews useful.

Thank you Anna Catling!

We are proud here at Bearpaw Products to see such a enthusiastic and motivated archery girls using our Bodnik Bows Raven longbow. The archers are the roots of our phantastic sport. Go ahead with your passion. We are beside you!

Henry Bodnik with the Bearpaw team


Link to the Raven longbow!

Link to the Mohawk Chief Hybrid

Link to the Mohawk Recurve